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Need an opener for .xml file? Use XML Viewer to read saved files. Intuitive tool what helps in your workflow.

XML Viewer features:
▪︎ Open .xml files like on PC
▪︎ Convert XML to pdf
▪︎ In-build file manager that shows only supported files
▪︎ History of viewed files
▪︎ Comfortable XML view screen
▪︎ All text is selectable (copy, share)

Have you downloaded an important XML document from the Internet and don’t know how to open it? No problem! Go into the XML Viewer, navigate to the directory where you saved the file and tap on it. The app will open the selected file and automatically add it to the history.

The app can open any files with the extension .xml. You do not need additional tools or programs, because everything is already here. We can truly say: It’s a real XML opener.

Need to convert XML to pdf or print? No problem, open the file in the application and click on the icon with the same name. It remains only to select the paper size and save the resulting file.

Have troubles with in-build in XML Viewer file explorer or can’t open OTG USB? Use system default to navigate and open the desired file. Just enable checkbox on the bottom of the screen and tap the Explore button.

If you are tired of looking for your files among many others on the phone’s memory, the application will help with this, because it only shows files with the .xml extension.

The main screen contains the last opened files list, so you will never lose the path to your files. XML Viewer will save it for you. One-click and you will open it, without annoying folder by folder search.

XML Viewer easily opens any of the available eXtensible Markup Language files. Just point it where the file stored and app will reveal the content of it.

The application has dark tones that are pleasant to the eye, which will not distract you from reading the xml file.

Feel free to send your suggestions and wishes about the XML Viewer – Reader & Opener using the contact form with the developer


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