Pakhair WAStickerApp: Pashto Stickers Apk Download

Get the variety of Pashto sticker packs for chatting. Express feelings and words merely in the form of sticker sets. WAStickerApps provides you huge collection of Pashto wastickers for Pashtun and afghan people. Let the fun begin by amazing replies loaded with Pashtu language stickers which are decorated with fun and joy.
Start sticker bombing by getting the immense collection of Pashtu stickers for wastickerapps. Share amazing funny phrases and entertain your chat using the custom Pashto WAStickerApps. Get the gift of edited Pashto stickers for chatting with friends and do amaze people with incredible Pashto sticker packs.
Pashto sticker sets mainly contains Pashto cultural sticker packs mainly funny and entertaining. Share the fun in chatting by sharing pathan stickers for wastickerapps. Share the stunning Pashto text phrases written on stickers including the pathan and afghan Pashtu text stickers.
Usually pathans and afghans speaks pashto which is their primary medium of communication. If you love pathans and Pashto then get your pathan sticker packs and add the stickers to chatting app for sharing. Communicate and say it just with Pashto stickers as they provides you more fun while chatting. Pashtun WAStikcerAPPS contains the foremost funny and cool Pashtun stickers for wastickerapps.
•Get the Pashtun sticker app
•Choose your desired Pashto sticker pack
•Add your Pashtu sticker directly to the chat app
•Select and your pathan sticker while chatting
•Add unlimited number of pashtoon stickers
Key Features
Huge collection of Pashto sticker
Funny and amazing text written on pashton sticker
Pathan and afghan WAStickers for sharing
Multiple pathan sticker packs


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