How To Install Multi Space App From Play Store

❓ Do you have double social accounts for work and personal life, wish them to parallel?
❓ Have you ever used two or more phones for keeping your multi accounts online just in case of missing any message from WhatsApp?

Multi Space is designed for users who log in more than 2 accounts (multiple accounts) of the same app on ONE PHONE, you can get dual WhatsApp and double Facebook easily.

====== KEY FEATURE ======

❗❗ One phone, multiple accounts, online at the same time
❗❗ Support most of android applications: multiple games, social apps
❗❗ Super app cloner to create parallel app or multiple accounts
❗❗ Dual WhatsApp or multiple WhatsApp to keep balance between life and work

👉Keep Multiple Accounts Logged in Simultaneously
✔ Keep your multiple accounts both online at the same time.
✔ Double accounts of your gaming experience and have more fun.
✔ Multiple accounts are separate from each other, NO worry about mixed messages.

👉Switch Accounts Easily
✔ Switch between different accounts fast with one-tap to effective manage multiple accounts.

👉Operation Just Like System
✔ Press for more operation: create shortcuts, rename or uninstall.
✔ We do not install more applications in your phone, so that your phone will runs very smoothly!

Permissions: Multi Space have applied much system permissions to ensure that applications cloned in Multi Space will run normally. But Multi Space does not collect your personal information.
Support Language – English, 中文, عربى, Français, नहीं, Bahasa Indonesia, Português, Tiếng Việt, Español, ไทย

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