How to Install and Use Intruder Eye & Don’t Touch App

Have you ever wished for a way to protect your personal space and belongings with a touch of technology? Look no further! In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps of installing and effectively utilizing the Intruder Eye & Don’t Touch App. This innovative app combines security and convenience, giving you peace of mind and control over your surroundings. Let’s dive in and explore how you can enhance your safety effortlessly.


In a world where security is paramount, having a reliable and user-friendly solution is crucial. Intruder Eye & Don’t Touch App offers just that—an intuitive interface backed by cutting-edge technology that empowers you to safeguard your space effortlessly.

Understanding Intruder Eye & Don’t Touch App

The Intruder Eye & Don’t Touch App is a sophisticated security application designed to protect your home, office, or any personal space. It integrates motion sensors and sound recognition capabilities to detect unauthorized entry or suspicious activities, providing real-time alerts to your mobile device.

Step-by-Step Installation Guide

Downloading the App

  1. Visit your device’s app store and search for “Intruder Eye & Don’t Touch App.”
  2. Click the “Install” button to begin downloading and installing the app.
  3. Once installed, open the app and proceed to the setup process.

Granting Necessary Permissions

  1. The app will prompt you to grant necessary permissions, such as access to your camera and microphone.
  2. These permissions are essential for the app’s functionality, as they enable the motion and sound detection features.

Navigating the App Interface

Dashboard Overview

Upon successful installation, you’ll be greeted by the app’s dashboard. The dashboard provides an overview of your security zones, recent activities, and quick access to settings.

Setting Up Security Zones

  1. Tap the “Add Zone” button to define areas you want to monitor.
  2. Use your device’s camera to capture the designated security zone.
  3. Customize zone settings, such as sensitivity levels and notification preferences.

Personalizing Alerts

  1. Navigate to the “Alerts” section to customize how you receive notifications.
  2. Choose between push notifications, emails, or SMS alerts.
  3. Adjust the threshold for alerts based on your preferences.

Utilizing Intruder Detection Features

Motion Sensors

The app’s motion sensors are designed to detect any movement within your defined security zones. You’ll receive instant notifications whenever motion is detected.

Sound Recognition

In addition to motion detection, the app’s sound recognition feature enhances security by identifying unusual sounds, such as breaking glass or loud noises, and alerting you promptly.

Don’t Touch Feature: Your Personal Belonging Protector

The “Don’t Touch” feature extends the app’s functionality to safeguard your personal belongings. Place your device near valuables, and if anyone touches or moves them, you’ll receive an immediate alert.

Remote Access and Control

The app ensures your peace of mind even when you’re away. Through remote access, you can view live camera feeds, manage security zones, and receive alerts from anywhere using your smartphone.

Compatibility with Smart Devices

Intruder Eye & Don’t Touch App seamlessly integrates with various smart devices, including smart cameras, doorbell cameras, and home automation systems. This compatibility enhances your security ecosystem and provides a comprehensive solution.

Tips for Optimal Performance

  • Regularly update the app to access new features and security enhancements.
  • Position your devices strategically to cover high-traffic areas.
  • Adjust sensitivity settings based on your environment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is the app available for both Android and iOS? Yes, the app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.
  2. Can I monitor multiple locations from a single app? Absolutely, you can add and monitor multiple security zones from a single app.
  3. How does the “Don’t Touch” feature work? The app uses the device’s accelerometer to detect movement. If a registered object is moved, an alert is triggered.
  4. Can I receive alerts during specific hours? Yes, you can set up a schedule for when you want to receive alerts.
  5. Is my data secure with this app? Yes, the app uses advanced encryption protocols to ensure the security of your data.


The Intruder Eye & Don’t Touch App empowers you to take control of your security effortlessly. With its advanced features, user-friendly interface, and compatibility with smart devices, you can now protect your space and belongings with confidence. Say goodbye to worries and hello to enhanced peace of mind.